.... Various trips here & yonder ....


Arabia and Mumbai, Dec 2019
Galapagos Islands, 2019
Scenes from Quito, Equador, 2019
Casa del Alabado museum, Quito, 2019
Iceland, May 2019
Causeway of the Giants, Ireland, May 2019
Political graffiti on the wall, NorthernIreland, May 2019
Stirling Castle, Scotland, May 2019
Stockholm, Sweden, June 2018
Talinn, Estonia, June 2018
Saint Petersberg, Church of Spilt Blood. Russia, June 2018
Winter palace at Saint Petersberg, Russia, June 2018
Summer palace at Saint Petersberg, Russia, June 2018
Berlin, Germany, June 2018
Arhus, Denmark, June 2018
Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2018
Landscape shots at Glacier Bay Nat'l park and bay, 2016
Ice chunks calving at Marguerite glacier, Glacier Bay Park 2016
2010 Transporting a new BMW 3-series to Houston.
2008 Business trip to Basel and Divonne.
2007 Evening tour around London, June 2007.
2007 Hyde Park, London.
2003 Trip to Alaska: Brooks Camp, Kennicot & Valley of 10,000 Smokes
2002 Trip to Alaska