The Munch museum can be crowded. Unlike the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, there was no policy prohibiting picture taking. There are actually 3 versions of Scream at the museum, but only 1 is on display at a time to limit light-induced damage. The Scream painting was constantly crowded with people taking pictures of it. That said, large images of Scream can be found from a Google search, below.

Edvard Munch painted some huge 'Monumental' paintings too, but large, high-resolution images of them are hard to find on the internet. The Munch museum website has some views of the room where most of his huge 'Monumental' paintings hang.

"The Researcher" is the largest of Munch's Monumental paintings and is 36' feet wide.

Self portraits: from his youth, undated

Self portrait: 1926 at age 63