Wavecrest May7, 2021. Red-winged blackbirds were surprisingly tolerant of people. Hence, I didn't have to use the full focal range of the 150-400mm/F4.5 lens (the max is up to 1400mm when both extenders are engaged). All shots were taken on a tripod/gimbal with an external 1.4x attached (the internal 1.25x was not engaged). For bird launch images, ProCapture was used (up to 35 frames/sec). 100% crops.

1/3200, F8, iso3200, 656mm.

1/3200, F8, iso3200, 656mm. A hint of chromatic aberration on the head?

1/3200, F10, iso3200, 884mm. CA on the wing and beak? Or is it a reflection since the eye has some red too.

1/3200, F9, iso3200, 884mm. Did the focus point shift to the plants?