Images taken at Pillar Point and Montara State Beach, Oct 24, 2020. Most shots were hand-held except for the Canon 300/F4 and MamiyaSekor 105-210/F4.5 images.

GF110/F2 at F2, 1/1600, iso100

GF110/F2 at F2.8, 1/640 iso100

GF110/F2 at F2, 1/1600 iso100

GF32-64/F4 at 34mm, F11, 1/100 iso100

GF32-64/F4 at 32mm, F11, 1/320 iso200

GF110/F2 at F8, 1/500 iso400

Montara State Beach parking lot. Tripod was used for Canon 300 and Mamiya 105-210 lenses.

GF32-64/F4 at 32mm, F11, 1/320 iso100

Canon 300/F4, F11 1/1250 iso1000. Focused on the old house on the hill.

Same scene as above but shot in portrait mode

Mamiya 105-210 at 210mm, F11 1/800 iso1000. Focused on the top of the middle hill.

Above Mamiya image with Topaz SharpenAI. (SharpenAI had only minor improvements on the Canon images so they were not sharpened)