Purpose: Compare E-M1X+300mm/F4+1.4x (handheld) to A7R4+200-600/F5.6-6.3+1.4x (tripod, unweighted). After shooting human-friendly seagulls with the new M1X bird AF firmware, I conducted a raptor field test at Wavecrest to assess the relative peformance to the Sony A7R4 and 200-600 lens. On both camera bodies, the shutter speed was set to 1/2500 (most images) with auto-ISO turned on. This was an overcast day with intermittent clearing. All but 3 of the images are 100% crops (horizontal dimension).

M1X, about 50feet away. 1/2500, F6.3, iso2000, 420mm. Bird-eye focus worked pretty well.

M1X, a blue heron landed on the dry field! About 30feet away. 1/2500, F5.6, iso5000, 420mm

Sony 7RM4 in full-frame mode (60Mpixels), about 40% crop (2400/6240), About 30feet away. 1/2500, F9, iso10000, 840mm

Red-tailed hawk about 800feet away, never flew close enough to me.

M1X, 1/2500, F5.6, iso2000, 420mm

M1X, 1/2500, F5.6, iso1600, 420mm

A7R4 in FF mode (60Mp) 40% crop, about 800ft away. 1/2000, F9, iso1000, 840mm

A7R4 in FF mode (60Mp) 40% crop, about 800ft away. 1/2000, F9, iso1000, 840mm

White-tailed kite, about 300feet away. Not really close enough like previous sessions.

M1X, 1/2500, F5.6, iso1250, 420mm

M1X, 1/2500, F6.3, iso1000, 420mm

A comparison of the same perched red-tailed hawk with Sony A7R4 vs Olympus EM1X

Sony, in APS-C mode (26mpixels). 1/1250, F9, iso3200, 840mm, about 60' away, tripod

M1X (kneeling, about 40' away), Left: 1/2500, F5.6, iso3200, 420mm. Right: 1/2500, F6.3, iso3200, 420mm,

M1X (kneeling, about 40' away), Left: 1/1600, F5.6, iso2000, 420mm. Right: 1/800, F6.3, iso1000, 420mm, confirming better noise with lower ISO though Topaz Denoise-AI does a very good job.