Another day at Wavecrest with the Sony A1+200-600/F5.6-6.3 and Olympus E-M1X+150-400/F4 with external 1.4x.

Under the eucalyptus trees looking for the barned owl (which was never seen), this house finch posed for me.

Olympus rig: 1/2000, F8, iso1250, 1400mm equivalent. Tripod and gimbal mounted lens.

Not the best red-tailed hawk shot, but it was shot from inside the eucalyptus grove between gaps in the trees.

Sony rig: 1/4000, f18, iso3200, 840mm, hand-held.

First time I've seen deer at Wavecrest!

Sony rig: 1/4000, f9, iso3200, 840mm, hand-held.