Olympus M1X, 150-400/F4.5 with external 1.4x (internal 1.25x not engaged for most shots). In-flight pics were taken hand-held while the others were taken while the rig was propped up on a log.

1/3200, F6.3, iso2500, 1120mm

1/4000, F6.3, iso1250, 1120mm

1/3200 F7.1, iso1000, 1120mm

1/4000, F6.3, iso5000, 736mm

Both 1.4x and 1.25x extender engaged.

1/2000, F9, iso1600, 1400mm

Two shots from a series

1/4000, F7.1, iso5000, 1120mm

1/4000, F7.1, iso5000, 1120mm