Gear: hand-held Sony A1+200-600 and 1.4x, often on a belt-stabilized monopod. Mostly 100% crops

Location: Pescadero marsh. Weather: overcast marine layer of clouds with some fog

1/4000, F8, iso3200, 365mm

1/2500, F9, iso3200, 840mm

1/2000, F9, iso1600, 774mm

1/3200, F9, iso1600, 840mm

Location: Wavecrest. Weather: overcast marine layer

About 5 min into my walk, the red-tailed hawk appeared. I didn't have time to adjust my ISO. Overcast skies meant an uninteresting sky.

1/4000, F16, iso3200, 606mm

1/4000, F14, iso3200, 725mm

1/4000, F9, iso2500, 617mm

1/4000, F11, iso3200, 840mm