Wavecrest, Jan26, 2020

Various hawks shot with the Olympus M1X, 300mm/F4 and 2x converter (1200mm/F8 equivalent) on a Feisol 3442 tripod/Benro CF gimbal. All images are 100% crops except where noted. 2400pixels wide (saved with JPG compression=9 to keep modest file sizes, I will go back and save some at JPG=11 or 12).

Cooper's hawk. The M1X trackig and autofocus is pretty good but not as reliable as the Sony A9. Update: Olympus will release on Dec2, 2020 firmware for the M1X to support bird-eye AF.

Possibly a red-tailed hawk. Reduced by 50% (nearly filled the frame)

Juvenile white-tailed kite sat on the ground for a very long time and let me approach.

Far away, a red-tailed hawk, not enough pixels